Single-Layer Expansion Joints

A single-layer expansion joint is made of a single layer of material only. Depending upon the area of application, the layer is made from fabric, various (fluoro) elastomers or fluoropolymers accompanied by fabric reinforcement as composite materials. Single-layer expansion joints provide the tightness and chemical resistance necessary when exposed to heavy condensate.

Pre-Assembled Units
Usage of fabric expansion joints that are pre-assembled onto steel components offers a number of advantages:

  • All pre-assembling work is completed in UNAFLEX® state-of-the-art facility
  • Installing unit into the duct is quick and easy
  • Transport brackets secure the unit into place during the transport and installation process
  • Larger units are transported in sections and are welded on-site for easier handling, transportation and installation
  • Clamping bar, belt and gasket assembly is done by factory-trained technicians which provides maximum pressure sealing capacity
  • Final assembly quality inspections (ISO 9000) insure maximum durability and performance

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