Rubber Expansion Joints

UNAFLEX®  produces and inventories more styles and sizes of Expansion Joints than any other company in the world. We have become known as the "PROBLEM SOLVERS" when it comes to Expansion Joint applications.

Above demonstrates the reason control units should be incorporated into piping systems. This movement is a result of thrust forces which would be contained by the use of control units.

Superflex Wide Arch Design
Style 1000

Wide Arch Design
Style 1100

Styles 112 and 113

Style 1000 Style 1100 UNALON Style 112 Style 113
  • Twice the movement capabilities than standard arch
  • Lower spring rates required for movement
  • Fabric and steel reinforced
  • Suitable for pressures up to 200 PSI and vacuum service
  • Available in multi-arch, offset and special constructions
  • Heavy duty
  • Self-flushing
  • Highly resistant to chemical and abrasion
  • Available in a wide variety of elastomers
  • Suitable for vacuum service to 26" mercury
  • Solid-molding PTFE
  • Withstands higher pressures and temperatures
  • Ideal for installation where space limitations are a factor
  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion resistant

Spooltype Standard Arch
Style 150

Lightweight Application
Design Style 189

High Pressure Capable Supreme
Style 200 (XL)

Style 150 Style 189 Style 200XL
  • The heavy duty proven "industry work horse"
  • Time tested performer
  • Fabric and steel reinforced
  • Constructed for maximum strength and reliability
  • Available in multi-arch,taper, offset and special constrictions
  • Lightweight construction
  • Low spring rate forces
  • Can be built to handle temperatures up to 350ºF
  • Less force to move; allows maximum movements
  • Available in multi-arch, taper, offset and for high temperature applications
  • Extra - reinforced carcass
  • For pressures to 300 PSI
  • Available in constructions suitable for temperatures to 400ºF
  • Available in multiple arch, taper, offset and special constructions
  • Available in wide arch for increased movement

EPDM and Kevlar® Reinforced
Single and Double Arch

Combined Technology PTFE and Rubber - Dura-Perm

Flue Duct Compatible
Style 600

SecureFlex DuraPerm Flue Duct Joints
  • Hand wrapped custom built construction to allow for design variations, while still offering wide arch movement
  • Single, double, concentric and eccentric construction available
  • Available in Viton®, EPDM, Butyl, Pure Gum and Nitrile
  • Flanges are laser cut from carbon steel and other available alloys
  • The excellent chemical resistance of TEFLON®
  • The flexibility of rubber expansion joints
  • Thermal stability
  • Anti-stick properties
  • Available in multiple arch, taper, offset and special constructions
  • Designed to absorb thermal movements and sound vibrations
  • Liners and insulation can allow temperatures to 500ºF
  • Suitable for Flue Duct Applications
  • Available in multiple arch, taper, offset and special constructions
  • Custom drilled or un-drilled

"Radi-Flex" Elbow
Expansion Joint

Vibration Absorbing
Styles 2150 & 2250

Vibration and Sound Absorbers Styles 3150 & 3250

Elbow Joint 2150/2250 SuperQuiet
  • Designed to reduce noise and vibration
  • Protects against thermal expansion over angles
  • Spiraled steel wire embedded adds strength.
  • Available in 45 deg and 90 deg configurations
  • Flexibility prevents damage
  • Specially designed lengths of rubber pipe with factory attached ferrules for pipes and other connections involving standard IPT
  • Eliminate vibration between pump and pipe line either for suction or discharge 
  • Designed with moulded rubber flanged ends with bolt holes that accommodate standard steel flanges
  • Furnished with or without helical wire reinforcement. Special tubes can be compounded to meet unique service conditions in either suction or discharge applications

Spherical Design
Style 800

Twin Sphere Design
Style 802

Spherical Design for Smaller Pipes
Style 803

spherical style 800 double sphere style 802 spherical style 803
  • Minimizes water hammer and hydraulic shock
  • Less force to move; allows maximum movements
  • "All-in-one" design eliminates the need for retaining rings
  • Available in Twin Sphere design for greater movement capabilities
  • Floating flange design provides easy installation
  • Available to 20" Diameter
    The twin-sphere 802 comes with steel 150lb. ASA drilled flanges, which float to provide easy installation and center root ring to meet PSI shown
  • Highly capable
  • Low cost
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants, water works and sewage treatment facilities

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