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Unaflex® “Multi-Purpose” PTFE Expansion Joint styles 112, 113 and 115 are solid-moulded of PTFE and specially designed to withstand the higher pressures and temperatures of today’s piping systems. Their design allows a shorter face-to-face dimension, making them ideal for installation where space limitations are a factor. They are lightweight in design and corrosion resistant. Available in sizes 1” to 48” I.D. and for temperatures ranging from -20◦F to +400◦F. Note: For sizes above 12", 2-Ply FEP joints are available

Materials of Construction


UNALON Descriptions Vacuum Service Chart


Note: For greater pressure or safety requirements than shown, special Viton®/Kevlar® overlays are available. Optional flow liners are available in PTFE, Elastomeric, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys. Consult our engineering department for further details.

Vacuum: Vacuum support rings can be added in the top (crest) of the convolution for full vacuum at 400◦F for sizes 6” and larger. Support rings can be manufactured from various types of Stainless Steel, Tantalum and Nickel Alloys.

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