Introduction to UNAFLEX Multi-Purpose
Formed Styles


UNAFLEX® “Multi-Purpose” PTFE Expansion Joint styles 112, 113 and 115 are solid-molded of PTFE and specially designed to withstand the higher pressures and temperatures of today’s piping systems. Their design allows a shorter face-to-face dimension, making them ideal for installation where space limitations are a factor. They are lightweight in design and corrosion resistant. Available in sizes 1” to 48” I.D. and for temperatures ranging from -300◦F to +400◦F.

Materials of Construction

UNALON Materials of Construction
112A & 112E, 113A & 113E, 115A & 115E
Description 1"-12"
Bellows PTFE T-62
Flanges Ductile Iron
Reinforcing Rings Stainless Steel
Limit Bolts Carbon Steel
Nuts Carbon Steel
Grommets Neoprene
Washers Carbon Steel
Vacuum Service Maximum Temperature
for Full Vacuum (29.9 HG)
Two Convolutions
1" to 6"
8" to 10"
Three Convolutions
1" to 4"
5" to 6"
8" to 12"

Note: For greater pressure or safety requirements than shown, special Viton®/Kevlar® overlays are available. Optional flow liners are available in PTFE, Elastomeric, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys. Consult our engineering department for further details.

Vacuum: Vacuum support rings can be added in the top (crest) of the convolution for full vacuum at 400◦F for sizes 6” and larger. Support rings can be manufactured from various types of Stainless Steel, Tantalum and Nickel Alloys.

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