Temperature Correction Factors for Elevated Temperature

As the service temperature increases, the maximum pressure a hose assembly can withstand decreases. The material from which the hose is made and the method of fitting attachment determines the maximum pressure at which an assembly can be used. By using the factors given in the chart, the approximate safe working pressure at elevated temperatures can be calculated.

Temperature Correction

Determine is 3/4” annular stainless hose with welded fittings is satisfactory for the given operating conditions.

Maximum operating temperature is 600° F. Maximum operating pressure is 300 Psig.

From the series SS1 Hose Type - nominal rated burst pressure for 3/4” with welded fittings is 3520 Psig. From Temperature Correction Factors Chart factor for stainless T321 at 600°F is .74.

Rated Burst Pressure:
3520 Psig x .74 = 2604 Psig
(Rated burst pressure at 600°F)

Safe Operating Pressure:
2604 divide by 4 = 651 Psig
(using 4:1 Safety Factor)

Since the maximum operating pressure for SS1 Hose Type at 600° F is 651 Psig the hose will meet the required operating conditions above.

Thermal Expansion