UNAFLEX® Master Flexible Metal Pump Connectors

Pump Connector UNAFLEX® "Master" Metal Pump Connectors are designed with a flexible core of corrugated stainless steel tubing covered with a single or double braid. Pump Connectors are a necessary component for extending the life of your pump and piping system. Reducing vibration and compensating for thermal expansion thus protecting your equipment all of these are accomplished with a well design flexible pump connector. Flat face flanges are standard on our Pump Connectors. However other types of flange treatments and drilling are available.

End Treatments

  • Raised Face RFSO Flanges
  • Thick Plate Flanges
  • Square Plate Flanges
  • Nipple Ends
  • Threaded Nipples
  • Welding Nipples

Drilling Types

A wire braid is woven over the flexible core on most designs to provide strength and increase the rated operating pressure. Braid for stainless steel core is either type 321 or 304 stainless steel.

Note: PTFE lining is available.

Pump Connectors