Installation, Use and Precautions

Unaflex Matchless Metal Hose will render maximum service life when properly installed. The following precautions should be observed when installing flexible metal hose.

Avoid Torque
Torque or twisting is harmful to hose and substantially reduces service life. Installation torque can be avoided by using a floating flange or union at one end of an assembly in place of a rigid connection. Always install hose so that flexing takes place in one plane.

Avoid Over Bending
If metal hose is bent below the minimum recommended bend radius, fatigue and premature failure can result. This bending often occurs at end connections and can be avoided by installing an interlock guard or elbow.

Avoid Improper Handling
Always lift hose, do not drag. Do not permit hose to be stored in an area where it is subject to spills, corrosive sprays, etc.

Proper Installation Formulas and Diagrams

install drop-pressure