Series 5000 BPC Bellows Pump Connector Assemblies

Connector Dimensions

Standard Operating Specification

Maximum Operating Pressure
Maximum Operating Temperature

150 PSI


Axial Comp. (2" to 8" Nom.)
Axial Comp. (10" to 16" Nom.)
Axial Ext. (All Sizes)
Lateral Offset, (All Sizes)



Flanges to mate with ANSI B16.5 150# Flange Drilling. If flow velocity exceeds 25 F.P.S. a liner must be added.

Metal Hose Assemblies

Ordering Code: Nom. Size, Dash Number, Liner
Example: 3" BPC -048-L standard end configuration -44 (welded)

Bellows Exhaust Connectors

UNAFLEX® Tube-Flex Series 7000 Stainless Steel Engine exhaust Expansion Joints are manufactured from a butt welded stainless steel tube. This tubular body is formed into corrugations creating a bellows providing a highly flexible and durable connection for the extremes of exhausting engine gases.


Exhaust Connectors

Type FP- 1/2" Thick plate flange (specify O.D., Bolt pattern and diameter)

SFP-Square plate flange
(specify outside dimension,
Bolt pattern and diameter)

Type T- IPT Threaded Nipples
Type W Welding Nipples