Pump Connectors
Metal Bellows Division

Series 5000BPC

Pump Connector

Standard Operating Specifications for Series 5000 Metal Bellows Pump Connector

Max. Operating Pressure: 150 Psig

Max. Operating Temperature: 500┬░F


Axial Compression
(2"ND to 8"ND): 0.5"

(10"ND to 16"ND):0.75"

Axial Extension
(All Sizes):0.25"

Lateral Offset
(All Sizes):0.13"

Flanges to mate with ANSI B16.5 150# Flange Drilling.

If flow velocity exceeds 25 feet per second, UNAFLEX® recommends adding a flow liner.

Ordering Code: Nominal Size, BPC, Dash Number, L (if liner required), End Configuration
(44 for welded flanges each end 66 for floating flanges each end)

Example: 3" BPC-048-L-44

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